Cerita Lucu, Gokil - The Happening of Guyangan Village

A long time ago, there was a young man, named Trunojoyo.He was a Handsome gentle and brave man. Many pretty girl falled in love for him. The report about how handsome of Trunojoyo has been heard by princess Ayodya. Therefor, Ayodya try to met him. So, Trunojoyo falled in love to her. They had same fell.

That is love. When they had to god married. There was trouble. In other side, Prince Kusumo, who has loved Ayodya hasn't deal with the plan, So the prince decided to met Trunojoyo and forced Ayodya from his hand. " Let Ayodya go with me " said prince Kusumo. " Do it , if you can " replied Trunojoyo. " Hey , you wanna die ? " Said Prince. " I dare you !! Said Trunojoyo to prince. " Hey, stop it ! Please, dont do it Truno ! Said prince Ayodya. " I promise, l will be back for you, Ayodya ". Replied Trunojoyo softly. " I take your words on that ". Said princess Ayodya. " Arrgh, stop ! Foe me ! " said prince Kusumo rudely. The battle happened. Trunojoyo and prince Kusumo fighted and attacked each other. Trunojoyo nearby failed , so he ran away, untill Trunojoyo saw the lake which there was many cows taked a bath on it. By the sheperd. Suddenly, he jump down to the lake. Unfortinately, Prince Kusumo knew that, so the prince waited for Trunojoyo up from the lake. But, long time passed and Trunojoyo never out from the lake. And the place which the tragedy happened, called Guyangan. Taken from the sheperd bathed his cows. Guyangan is javanese language. The End ......
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